On sale this week at Gardners -September 20th through September 26th 2018

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40% off Clearance

30 % off  Summer and Fall  Faux

20% off Fall decorative (in store)


Mountain Mamas Clothing

Leggings    $19.99 each        2 for $35

Scarves      $11.99 each        3 for $30

Tops           $24.99 each         2 for $40

Jackets      $29.99 each         2 for $50


Garden Shop

40% off Pond supplies (excludes pumps)

20% off Wood and metal trellises



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20% off Annual grasses

20% off Citrus plants

20% off Herbs and Cold Crops



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40% off Daylilies

40% off Hosta

40% off Coral Bells

40% off Peonies



40% off Container Grown Trees

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Choose from:

Flowering Cherry



Horse Chestnut

Crab Apple


Patio Furniture



30-80% off Clearance Furniture (In stock items only)

20% off Cushions